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St. James Catholic Community: Fr. Jack Sweeley, D.D., Pastor


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This Weeks Poll

The results of previous polls are at the bottom of the page

We live in a new paradigm since the events of 911.  Islamic fundamentalism has become a new ideology seeking to impose its will by terrorism on the West.  Is the paradigm of love and justice for all peoples taught by Jesus capable of ending the terrorism practiced by Islamic fundamentalism?

Previous Polls
Should consecrated Hosts be sent to members of St. James Catholic Community by priority mail?
90%   Yes    
7.5%  Matter of personal conscience
2.5%  No
Did the Roman Catholic Bishops in their Charter For The Protection Of Children And Young People go far enough?
85%   No
13%   Yes
02%   Unknown
The relationship between church and state should be:
71%   Mutially Exclusive
28%   Reflect Christian values
Was Jesus born a bastard?
50%  Yes, but it doesn't make any difference
50%  Jesus was not born a bastard
What tests your faith more than anything else?
33% Bad things happen to good people
33% God doesn't answer prayer
33% Other
       1. The ego's arrogance
       2. Ilness
What is it about us that is most important to Jesus?
100% Our Faith